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TrueCrypt Compromised?

So there have been ramblings that TrueCrypt may have been compromised and the word on the web is it may have been a legitimate cry for help from the developers. Check out more information this and the (formerly) … Continue reading

Westcom New P25 System in Service

Westcom recently brought their new Motorola P25 system online and has been spending the past few weeks tweaking and testing the patching with the old Motorola TypeII system. I will be transitioning my feed over from the old analog system … Continue reading

M/A Com Harris Radio Personality Limits

I have had a lot of people ask me about the limits for the number of channels / groups / frequencies in the GE / Ericsson / M/A Com / Harris radios. This is the chart from the RPM release … Continue reading

New pages, more resources for radio nuts!

I have added a couple pages to the site for reference purposes. I think that the Digital Modes Samples page will help a lot of scanner listeners, hams and the curious to better understand what some of the new digital modes … Continue reading

N0MB Technical Blog is back live!

After almost a year of not actually updating my blog, I have decided to update to WordPress to facilitate easier updates and to let me expand my skills more into different technologies. Not much is happening on the front, but … Continue reading

Downgrading from RPM to Programmer

By popular demand, I have finally gotten around to putting together a thorough tutorial on converting a Harris radio currently flashed for RPM back to older RadioCode for use in ProGrammer. This is the only tutorial I’ve found on the … Continue reading